Sunday, May 21, 2006

Long break

Haha, so it's been forever and a day since the last time I've written. Wow, a week short of a month (so, like 3 weeks?). Anyway, things have been enormously busy here since I got here; actually, that's an understatement. I can't think of a time when I've been so busy before: I'm in the office in the morning by 8am, knocking doors by 10:30am, lunch from 1-4pm, then knocking again until dark at about 8:15pm. That's a lot of time on my feet working! After that we go back to the office, do paperwork, other stuff, and get home at like 10:00. Then I'm in bed by 11 to wake up at 6:20am to exercise with friends. Ouch.

But I'm still loving it. The guys I'm working with are extraordinary guys - they're smart, hilarious, hard working guys with good heads on their shoulders. I really look up to all of them, not only mentally/emotionally, but physically, too - I'm the shortest one out here for now. There'll be another shorter one coming in in a week. Whew. :-) The guys are great, though. They're all helping me, lifting me up when I'm feeling depressed, and totally having fun all the time. Awesome guys to be associated with.

We get Saturday afternoons off and Sundays off, of course, so last night we went to the beach and had a blast! We played beach volleyball, football, and a lot of guys went surfing/boarding on the waves. There's a storm coming in today, so the waves yesterday were great. It was so much fun - running around, laughing, watching guys do stupid things, having a blast...awesome.

So, I'm having a great time out here, despite the fact that I am not doing too well. I'm doing well enough to justify my time out here and all, but not as well as I would like to. But I'm learning so much about myself so far, especially the importance of perseverance and patience with myself, of enduring what's in my way, and keeping my head high and my eyes firm on my goal. It's incredible how the right attitude and mindset can make or break a normal day. I'm learning so much about myself out here. If I don't do too well monetarily speaking, I'll be glad to leave with these characteristics under my belt. :^)

I'm gonna go now - I've gotta go down about 30 minutes south to eat with a family that invited a few of us back (random) for dinner, then pick up a 39", flat-screen HD TV that somebody just gave me at a door. Yeah, I'm that good. Hehehe. So, yeah, gotta go. I'll write again soon...hopefully. :-D