Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sick day

So, just my luck. Today I'm sick. And not the normal col/flu/fever sick - my gastritis flared up. Yay.

This morning I woke up @ 5:30am with a burning stomach and colon, akin to Mount St. Helens waiting to erupt. I quickly moseyed on over to the bathroom and relieved the pressure and took some Prilosec to stop the acid production. I tried to go back to sleep, but my attemps failed, due to the recurrent urge and ultimate necessity to frequent the comode on a bi-hourly basis. Nausea was, of course, and constant companion during these episodes, fueling my decision to label today as a "sick day", and to remain curled up in a fetal position underneath my bedspread.

And that's about the extent of how eventful my day was.

On a lighter note, and in search of a silver lining to the day's otherwise miserable mishaps, I did get to use my down-time to watch Ben and Becca sing with the Spring Chorale in a devotional this morning via BYU Television online. It was refreshing to watch and listen to familiar faces and voices. I spoke to Mom and Courtney today, turning my mood around as well. Ooo, and I did download a lot of new backgrounds, including Homer that lightened my mood. Hehe.

I didn't leave the apartment today, though. Not even once. Physical movement has been making me queasy, so my ventures into the great and wild world that is the Deerwood Apartments were hindered greatly. I explored nearly every possible option of entertainment, falling just short of watching the bananas mold, before realizing that the apartment is almost as steril and void of amusement as my sock drawer - and that's cutting it close. My eyelids provided most of my entertainment and company for the day, helping me log almost 14 hours of total sleep in the last 24 hours, resulting in my brain feeling as mentally and physically effective in my head as a pound of play-dough. Luckily for me the day has withered to a determined and definite close, leaving me to reflect and ponder the day's few uneventful "events" and rue the day my stomach acquired a liking for highly acidic fluids. Hopefully it won't take too long to doze off in the next few hours, giving me enough rest to start my day @ 6:30am in my running shoes. :-)

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