Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Arkansas Vacation

Once home we all packed up and went to Arkansas (I know, packing up over and over again...). Once there, 10 hours after leaving Fort Worth, we spent most of the time there at the lake, water skiing, jet-skiing, wake boarding, boat riding, and just generally chilling. It was a much welcomed respite from the rigorous task of selling day-in and day-out. Our vacation was short lived, however, which was somewhat depressing.

A few things I noticed out there - first, family was (and is) much more important than I thought before. Of course, as a missionary I realized this, but the last 2 years that I've been back home I haven't had a refresher course, until May. It was so much fun to spend time with my immediate and extended family, even for just a few days. Working like a dog 2000 miles from home for 4 straight months really puts life into perspective, at least for a 23-year-old college student like me. Second, I had grown up a ton out there in Ca (not physically). I wasn't so irritable around my siblings as before, and took previously offensive or awkward comments/actions with a grain of salt and with patience. I was also much more assertive with actions and opinions. Before I had been not scared but timid to share my views, afraid of hurting someone's feelings or offending someone. Since I worked this summer, however, I retain tact in conversations but I don't hold back from saying things that I feel need saying. It's great to feel liberated!!

Well, enough philosoph-
izing...here's some pictures from Arkansas. My uncle lives on the edge of a 1000 ft bluff looking down into the white river and over miles and miles of land to the west. It's just breathtaking. Honestly, when we developed some of these pictures at walmart and other arkansas greeting venues we had many people ask us what resort we stayed at. We just smiled and soaked it in...hehe.

Speaking of soaking it in...here's my sister, twin, and I on a tube - under water. Fun times.

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