Monday, April 17, 2006

End of a long day

Ok, I finished everything tonight, with about 12 minutes to go. That was like half an hour ago. I've spent some time just surfing the net, letting my brain just kindof sag in my head. It feels so overused at the moment. Ughh. Let it be known that this is the last 7:00am class I will ever take!!

Going on about Easter - it was a great day. I sang, played the piano, and played my cello in church yesterday (not all at the same time, mind you) and then headed up to Salt Lake with my sister and some friends of mine. Up there we ate a glorious meal (but then, anything that takes more than 20 minutes to prepare is glorious to a college student) and hung out with friends and family. Haha, we got there at about 2:30-ish and left just before midnight. :-)

Oh, speaking of my cello, I had to drop my bow off at a violin shop today for them to refinish it. Here's the scoop - one of my friends in choir here needed a cello to play in their choir concert. He's a good guy, honest, clean cut, you know, the trustable kind. So I lent it to him, just barely deciding to not make him sign his life away for it. (From now on, I will refer to my cello as Olivia: that's her name) Anyways, he took Olivia to the concert, she did great, and then he put her back in her case and dropped her off in the choir director's office. I was busy for the next week and left her there - it was fine for her. Anyways, I took her home after a week but didn't have the time to practice that entire week. So, 2 weeks after the concert, the choir director comes up to me in the music building and asks, handing me a scratched up bow, "Is this yours?"

I just stared at the scratched wood, wood that looked so familiar yet not with the damage. But it looked so familiar...

"Uhh..I don't think so. Mine didn't have any damage on it when I turned it in."
"Well," he replied, "the stage manager says that this has been floating backstage for the last 2 weeks. He said they found it on the stand."
"It looks alot like mine," I said, "but mine didn't have any damage on it..."

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