Monday, April 17, 2006

Sprinter, or Wing (take your pick)

It's april everybody! And what does that mean?!?!? Finals, studying, finals, reviews, and a hormonal mother nature. Yeah, complete with mood swings from the sweet, beautiful, and benign to the downright ornery and ugly.

Yesterday was one of most beautiful Easter Sundays that I've ever seen. It was so beautiful that our Sunday school class was held outside, in the ever-so-pleasant spring air, slight breeze, and full sunshine. Man, was it a gorgeous day. Everything was great yesterday.

Then we go to this morning. Things were a little wet upon waking up, but starting at about 9 it began to snow. It snowed lightly until about 4:30-5:00 in the afternoon, when it just dumped. It snowed very hard for about an hour, racking up about 2 inches of heavy, wet snow before it quasi cleared up. But that was enough.

Enough to bump the day's classification from gloomy to awful. I was driving to and from Salt Lake City during the snow, and first off, Utah drivers have a difficult time driving in the snow, and second, I was so tired that I was just staring off into space and wondering about random things. I almost wrecked twice, literally. Plus I've taken one final and have a quiz left to take tonight online, and in addition to those stupid quizzes, I have 18 reading summaries to read and post online tonight. ARRRGGHH!!!! Life is difficult at times.

Well, I've wasted enough time posting this. But it made my brain feel better. I've gotta get crackin' now to finish all this blasted homework before the clock strikes 12!

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